The Visions in Color and Putty Showcases

The Visions showcases are Internet based art shows, where miniature painters and sculptors from all over the world demonstrate their skills. The intention of the Visions showcases to give artists of all skill levels a platform to present their artwork and to inspire each other with the results and descriptions of the creation of the pieces. In each showcase a certain topic is presented to the participants and everybody works on this up to a deadline. Then the results will be presented on these pages.

First off, let me note that these events are not limited to some secret circle of painters and sculptors. Anybody is invited to take part in a running show. It doesn't matter if the result would be your first paint job or sculpture ever. All this is not a contest. There are no judges who will pick a winner. And the prize to win is the fun and the sharing of the art, knowledge and inspiration. So don't hesitate. Join a running Visions show now!

There are two different Visions showcases. The original event is the "Visions in Color" show (VIC), where each participant will paint the the same miniature up to his own vision. So far the following VIC showcases have taken place:

The second event is the "Visions in Putty" show (VIP) in Color show. Here the artists are sculpting a miniature as an interpretation of a certain topic. So far the following VIP showcases have taken place:

If you are interested in taking part in a Visions showcase, you will find all necessary informations and rules on the rules page.

Thank you to all artists who have been contributing to these shows so far. The Visions in Color showcase has been created by Dominic Heutelbeck. The first Visions in Putty showcase has been created by Harry Colquhoun.