Visions in Color

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The Visions in Color Showcases

Visions in Color and Visions in Putty Galleries now on the new site

I completed the migration of the Visions in Color and visions in Putty events to the new site. You can check them out in the Visions section of this site. I am now technically prepared to run new VIC and VIP events and to host them on this site. I will continue to do some preperations for the next VIC showcase and keep you posted.

The Visions in Color and Putty Showcases

The Visions showcases are Internet based art shows, where miniature painters and sculptors from all over the world demonstrate their skills. The intention of the Visions showcases to give artists of all skill levels a platform to present their artwork and to inspire each other with the results and descriptions of the creation of the pieces. In each showcase a certain topic is presented to the participants and everybody works on this up to a deadline. Then the results will be presented on these pages.

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